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Handmade confections, of fashion items Men, Women and Children

Authentic'elle to her for creative Patricia L.

Authentic'elle was born from my passion for creation. To work with materials, to see them take shape under my hands. It made me want to do my job.I favor natural materials and everything is done by hand. The creations are unique, so the models proposed serve as a basis then you choose your fabrics according to a proposed panel and I create your article. Some customizations will be possible, (additions of fancy buttons or fancy jewels, embroidery, sizes).* All creations are fabric, no animal skin on this site.

Handmade confections, of fashion items Men, Women and Children
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Let's act for the planet, everyone in their own way can act. In this logic I offer a range of bread bags, pies, to no longer use paper or plNEW SERVICES

Novice sewing classes from early October
Book your places. Maximum 3 people. Duration 3h. On appointment


Small alterations: Change of zippers or hems of pants and skirts etc ... On requestastic bags ...



Siret: 841012941000 24

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Events to come

  • 5th artisanal autumn Henin Beaumont October 26 and 27 from 11am to 18h

  • Christmas market, dates to come
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